[Trans] SHINee’s new comeback album ‘Dream Girl’ Music Spoiler Premiere Catalogue (Messages)




Onew’s Message Translations:

Those who cam directly to hear it, thank you. It is an album made with alot of the staffs’ hard work. Please enjoy it.

Jonghyun’s Message Translations: 

Thank you guys for coming ^^ We had work hard preparing for music. I wished there would be simulation. Please listen to it!


Key’s Message Translations:

It’s been a long time since our last album is released. We had worked hard in preparing the album but there were many opinions about the colour of the wallpaper from the members. Please listen to it well and give us good reviews


Minho’s Message Translations:

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for coming to the music spoiler~ SHINee will improve to be better & better. Weather is cold so please be careful of catching a cold ^^


Taemin’s Message Translations: 

Thank you for coming and I’ll show you my best in the future activities

Photos Credits: Dreaming1209, MyFairy, Vanillalatte_Onew, Lsp.Lovely
English Translations: choiminhochuseyo || Forever_SHINee

re-post by me

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