7 feb 2013 2

Contemporary band SHINee will return after 11 months with their third full album.

SHINee’s full album will be revealed to the world through iTunes and various music sites on the 19th.

Their title track “Dream Girl” is a refreshing dance song filled with SHINee’s unique style. It will showcase a high quality song and performance different from that of Sherlock.

On the 7th, SHINee member Key’s teaser image was revealed through SHINee’s official homepage, SMTOWNGLOBAL’s Twitter, Facebook, and Weibo. They will show the members’ new transformations gradually through teasers.

{Indo Trans}

band kontemporer “SHINee” akan kembali setelah 11 bulan dengan album penuh ketiga mereka.

Lihat pos aslinya 90 kata lagi

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