[Fanaccounts] SHINee (ONEW) having some filming! 130102

#1 8.27am KST
Came to the apartment lobby in the early morning and I saw some people with wierd clothings. What I heard from the staff at the front counter was a group band, SHINee came to film their MTV, this is my first time meeting artistes since I came to Korea.

#2 7.07pmKST
Back to apartment lobby and they are still filming

#3 (believed to be ONEW)
I saw 3 young men walked past me, I do not know their names and they wore causally. This young man who I have taken, he was looking into the camera, making many different cute expressions.
Credit: tingdp (weibo)
English Translations: Forever_SHINee [4]
The location shoot this morning took place at Paul Bakery, Marriott Executive Apartments in Seoul.
Credit : eimanjjong
I believe many of you are curious, but before any official news is released, please do not start any unofficial rumor on their comeback. We will wait patiently! ˆ▽ˆ

All credit : Forever_SHINee

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