[FA] 120718 Taemin Birthday Party with Onew, Jonghyun, Key and Shawols

When asked which song taemin listen to
recently, he said is busker busker’s if you really love me.. and sang a small part too..
About a bad point of minho taemin hated the most – always exaggerating the good things he did. Minho not there, but they talked about him in the 2nd haft of the party, saying things related to him like foreigner, alien..
Onew 1st impression on minho

Key gave a pair of pretty shoes to Taemin as present

Because key like the beer at the airport lounge, he drank with his friend at 5am for the 1st time, then he drank the 2nd time, after that he continue drinking on the plane.. as a result he was too high till keep on waving to the fans at the airport.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Jjong doesn’t drink beer..

Jjong said he will keep an eye to check whether anyone is recording the audio of the party..
Key was asked to praise minho, key said minho is really very pure

Jjong said he saw this pic ‘celebrate Onew for cutting his hair’

Taemin said the tickets for SWC II are really hard to get, he can’t give it to his hyung, so his hyung have to buy them himself. His hyung wanted to buy 10 tickets buy ended up only manage to buy 2. Taemin said if any fans have extra ticket then they can sell them to his hyung

Key said about taemin’s sad and funny story.

Taemin always wear the shoes for
performance.. Jjong then asked whether taemin was wearing the performance shoes today..

taemin said “no! these are mine~ no? actually I don’t know whose shoes are these….” Jjong then looked carefully at taemin shoes and said “ah!! these are my shoes!!” taemin “no wonder the shoes are a bit big in size” Jjong “those are mine! of course they are big!”

about onew 1st impression on key, onew said key wore too many accessories that time, so he only focused on them and didn’t pay attention to key’s face talking about minho, saying minho will be very proud
if the person he gave the present to is very happy with the present, but he will hold the feeling and pretends like he doesn’t care. Key then imitated minho’s expression that time, conclusion, must acted like you’re super happy when receiving present from minho

onew asked what taemin wants from him as a present.. taemin then said he already has a license *hinted a car eh? LOL*

key said taemin always dance twinkle before he sleep they sang and danced part of MAMA.. taemin then called “kai-xi”

key took a picture to give to a shawol, a female student was chosen but she was very nervous on the stage, taemin then pretended as a tiger to scare her and she cried..

Taemin snapped a photo of onew (to give to fans), after onew saw the picture, he said he is like a clown in that picture, very white, he then said the staff has to check whether it can be given out, but the picture was snatched by the staff in the end ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Jjong was going to reveal a secret of taemin, taemin then covered jjong’s mouth.. Jjong said he will punish taemin

Onew suggested to have a separate birthday party from minho this year

Jjong like to drink PEACH CRUSH cocktail

Onew said he will request to separate minho and his bday party. If they are going to combine it, then the number of fans who attend need to be increased. The fans + staff now is 110 people, so have to be increased to 111 people..

about the solo stage of SWC II, some members will have the same solo song as JAT and some members will have new songs, 2 of their japanese song will be sang in korean version

Taemin sang a small part of Honesty at the end of the bday party

cr: :小智MAX | 跟機人生_小佳 |Taeminyoyo | CB了照样养不起金三爷 | shawolindo

translations : yenn_yy


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