SHINee’s “Dream Girl” makes an all-kill on real time charts

SHINee‘s return with their new title track “Dream Girl” has certainly hyped up fans, who have immediately shown their massive support for the song. Thus, it’s no surprise that the boys have seen their name take over the charts!

SHINee’s “Dream Girl” ranked #1 across on all the top music sites like Naver, Bugs, Melon, Soribada, and much more. As if that weren’t enough, the entire album, ‘Chapter 1. Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You’, dominated the top 10 of real time charts of several sites, showcasing SHINee’s enormous popularity.

Congrats to SHINee and their fans!

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[INFO/Trans] SHINee’s new comeback albums, “Dream Girl” details – (2 different titles, 2 different releases)


SHINee’s 3rd Album
Chapter 1 “Dream Girl : The Misconception Of You”

SHINee’s third album “Dream Girl” is scheduled to be released physically on February 20th (and digitally on February 18th).

The group’s third album Dream Girl: The Misconception of You will come with nine tracks, including the highly anticipated title song Dream Girl. After last year’s Sherlock fusion, SHINee’s latest electropop dance single is being described as “acid electro funk.” The song is produced by Shin Hyuk, the co-producer of Justin Bieber’s One Less Lonely Girl, and his Joombas Music Factory team.

List Price: 15,500 KRW
Content: CD + Photobook (64 pages)

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Information released at Melon Premiere for SHINee’s new album:

#1 – A song titiled ‘Spoiler’ will reveal other song titles; its lyrics written by Kim Jonghyun

#2 – There will be a total of 18 songs released for their new albums, in 2 different titles, ‘Chapter 1: Dream Girl – The Misconception of You’ (released on 21st February) and ‘Chapter 2: Dream Girl – The Misconception of Me’ (released in the month of April)

#3 – Track list for ‘Chapter 1: Dream Girl – The Misconception of You’;  Spoiler , Hitchhiker , Punch-drunk Love , Talking Aside (방백) , Beautiful (아름다워) , Dynamite , It’s You , Dream Girl + 1 more

#4 – Taemin said:

“Dream Girl is not simply a girl, the girl i’m looking for can be myelf

“I think fans will understand members’ profound thoughts expressed visually, n those who get it will become new fans

Our opinions are also reflected in dividing parts for members; we could do it because we know each other so well

#5 – Jonghyun said:

In Chapter 1: The Misconception of You, we put the most SHINee-like we can show you and what people conceive of us

In Chapter 2: The Misconception of Me, will show our world views; it will have deep and rough sounds; ‘Spoiler’ will be a song connecting the 2 chapters

We’re now done with all our preparations for the new album and had the happiest time; we’ve worked together for it”

There are parts good for Taemin’s voice, Minho participated in chorus in falsetto, and Key’s english pronunciation is good

Parts are divided to make most of each member’s strength; we worked together happily for synergy effects

Song titles in ‘Spoiler’ include Dream Girl, Hitchhiking, Punch-drunk Love, Talking Aside, Beautiful, Girls Girls Girls, Runaway

#6 – ‘Dream Girl’ is choreographed by Tony Testa, and includes dance moves from all SHINee’s title songs so far and Hello.

#7 – Producer chief: “There’s another song mixed in ‘Sherlock’ besides clue n note; that’s Spoiler; Sherlock’s intro is merged in its interlude

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#8 – In ‘Dream Girl’, each participated; Onew (It’s You lyrics) & Jonghyun (Spoiler lyrics) wrote lyrics, Minho & Key do rap-making, Taemin did the dance choreography!

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[Trans] SHINee’s new comeback album ‘Dream Girl’ Music Spoiler Premiere Catalogue (Messages)




Onew’s Message Translations:

Those who cam directly to hear it, thank you. It is an album made with alot of the staffs’ hard work. Please enjoy it.

Jonghyun’s Message Translations: 

Thank you guys for coming ^^ We had work hard preparing for music. I wished there would be simulation. Please listen to it!


Key’s Message Translations:

It’s been a long time since our last album is released. We had worked hard in preparing the album but there were many opinions about the colour of the wallpaper from the members. Please listen to it well and give us good reviews


Minho’s Message Translations:

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for coming to the music spoiler~ SHINee will improve to be better & better. Weather is cold so please be careful of catching a cold ^^


Taemin’s Message Translations: 

Thank you for coming and I’ll show you my best in the future activities

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SHINee’s Onew shows off his new hairstyle on ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’

Pada siaran 25 Januari KBS Cool FM ‘Super Junior Kiss the Radio ini’ (‘Sukira’), SHINee Onew dan CSJH Dana tampil sebagai DJ tamu dan suasana yang cerah dengan suara indah mereka.

Sukira memposting ke Twitter resmi mereka pada tanggal 25, “Hari ini! Onda~ ~ ~! DJ Onew + Dana akan bertanggung jawab untuk dua jam ‘Kiss the Radio’! Lucu dan segar >_< Hari ini diisi dengan energi menyenangkan! Harap bersama kami sampai akhir acara ,” bersama dengan foto di atas.

Foto menunjukkan DJ tamu Onew dan Dana memamerkan senyum manis mereka saat mereka memimpin program ‘Sukira’. Fans juga tidak bisa melepaskan mata mereka untuk memandangi gaya rambut baru Onew yang berwarna merah.

Source: allkpop,Trans by: DSN @ OSWI
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